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Installation of Street Lights and Traffic Signals

Project Manager: Installation of Street Lights
Project Budget: $3M
Client: FRA

Project Background

In 2015 FRA awarded a tender for major road upgrades, During the tendering stage Prime partnered with Higgins, who was later awarded the project as Head Contractor for the widening of the road and the installation of street lights and traffic signals.

The Solution

The project involves the widening of the existing road with full transformation from a two lane road into a four lane Highway including 4 traffic signal intersections in crucial crossings along the 6kms stretch of the road.
With regards to the street light installation, Prime has taken charge of the cabling design and proposed a rag-bolt assembly impact absorbing pole which is a more performing solution against the formerly used ground planted pole. Within stage 1A, 100 street light poles have been installed. Being the road located so close to the airport and runaway, the design also included the installation of 65 street light bollards with asymmetric light within the airport exclusion zone.
Prime has also undertaken the design of the traffic signal intersection and programming of the software. One ATSC4 Scats compliant controller has been installed along with 60
signal faces 8 push buttons and audio tactile devices and 13 vehicle loop detectors. The intersection’s timing is completely managed by the loops according to the traffic

The Outcome

Everything has been delivered and installed according to international standards. We have been awarded stage 2 which is now underway with 3.5km of new 4 lane
road, 200 streetlights and 3 traffic signals intersections.

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