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Installation of Street Lights and Traffic Signal, Section 1D

Project Manager: Installation of Street Lights and Traffic Signal, Section 1D
Project Budget: $1.2 M

Project Background

In 2014 China railways Corp tendered a section of a general road upgrades it had received from the government. Prime’s role in this project was as a subcontractor to China Railways for street lights and traffic signals installation.

The Solution

The project consisted construction of two main stretches of road. The new road is a 3.2 km two lane Highway with Bus Bays and traffic islands. The project includes streetlights along the whole stretch of road and two traffic signal intersections; one on each end of the road. Prime has installed 115 impact absorbing light masts with LED lights; Utilizing 3200m of cable and 5 switchboards. The design also included the use of Joint Use street light poles which Prime installed street lights and traffic signals faces.
In addition to the above, Prime has also carried out the design of the traffic signal intersection and the programming of the software. One ATSC4 Scats compliant controller has been installed along with more than 40 signal faces, 6 push buttons and audio tactile devices and 9 vehicle loop detectors. More than 400m of controller cable were utilized during this installation. The intersection’s timing is fully managed by the loops according to the traffic volumes.

The Outcome

Street lights were delivered to world class standards making the road safe for its users, especially during night time.
Traffic signals at the new intersection regulates the traffic flow according to the volume of traffic basedon smart PLC programming.

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